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Georg Wöginger  started meditation and autogenic training in 1987, his asana practice  in 1994 and then began with Shivananda yoga a short time later. After that he learnt about a dynamic vinyasa style of yoga, which included tantric and shamanic elements inspired by Oskar Hodosi. Soon afterwards he studied pure Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga inspired by Peter Macek and David Swenson.

Georg brought ashtanga vinyasa yoga to Prague where he lived until recently and had the chance to invite international teachers such as Nancy Gillgoff, Andrew Eppler and Danny Paradise there
. He also taught actors like Matt Damon and Naomi Watts in Prague.

First as a more living experience than the anatomical practice in the medical university,  the massage and body work finally became the centre of interest. In addition to numerous courses, training events and learning with various masters like Dr. Jaggerdish in India and Michael Buck, love of work and a self-awareness through yoga and being on the receiving end of massages, supervised sessions and exchanges with colleagues have helped him acquire a high level of skills.

Now he can look back on over 10 years of experience in his profession. Hardly anyone so far has ever got off the massage table without mumbling something like: ?That was the best massage I ever had and I?ve tried many massages?

In addition, Georg provides different forms of energy work, like reiki and elektro acupuncture, joalis detox or controlled inner cleansing  C.I.C.